Making it Simpler to Serve.

For Organizations

Let the Lighthouse Network work for you.

Build empathy for your cause and unity across your culture by tapping into existing serving opportunities across your city.

Serve More. Search Less.

The Lighthouse app is designed to make serving as EASY as hailing a rideshare, buying sports or movie tickets, booking travel or hotels, or meeting a person online. Applying best practices on user experience and engagement from the world’s best apps, Lighthouse makes it easy to find Opportunities to Serve.

Our Story

We asked the question, "Why can today's best apps make it easy to meet people, buy things, and push matches of what I should or could WANT or BUY, but to SERVE OTHERS we have to hunt for Opportunities across the web and each Org's data silos across our community?" Why can't it be Simpler to Serve?.

In the spirit of the open source movement, the Project Lighthouse team has been collaborating for over two years to define, scope, build, test and deploy the first Volunteer Management solution built for Volunteers, by Volunteers. The initial use cases came from non-profit and faith community leaders that struggled to recruit, coordinate and mobilize volunteers for city-wide service days and small missions teams meeting discreet community needs.

Today, we are going as fast as our volunteers can go, and we have already come so far. Imagine how much further and faster we could go when we secure funding to help pay people to build what has been built out of a group of people's willingness to Serve?

If Project Lighthouse speaks your language, join us.

We could use your gift of Time, Talent and/or Treasure. Those in need thank you for your service.

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